Susan Ciminelli is a world renowned holistic health, beauty and wellness guru with an unrivaled approach to skincare. For nearly 35 years, the elite have experienced firsthand her innate ability to identify the root of any skin concern and how to bring the body back into balance. Susan has traveled the world cultivating treatments to help A-lister’s like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford.

Susan uses vanity as a way into the consciousness to help clients take better care of themselves internally, including managing emotional stress that causes poor habits. For Susan, a nourishing skincare regimen is vital for clear skin and long-lasting beauty. Practicing what she preaches, Susan instills that simple lifestyle modifications are the secret to maintaining a radiant complexion, suggesting that “natural beauty emanates from within”.

You leave Susan empowered with knowledge you can use for a lifetime of health and beauty. Thanks to Susan’s holistic approach to beauty, you leave not only with the benefits of a facial, but with an overall sense of balance and peace because all her treatments are incorporated with energy work. Although today many people take for granted what Susan pioneered years ago, she continues to go against the trends. “I fight the chemists every step of the way to get my products manufactured the way I want them. I insist on the ingredients I, myself, have discovered in my travels around the world and on the level of purity I demand. I refuse to compromise that,” says Susan.

The same integrity and devotion is maintained in the creation of Susan Ciminelli products. Sourced from and produced in Europe, the famed prestige skincare line is derived from a precise collaboration of science and nature’s most healing ingredients, together producing optimal results for skin health and appearance. Only the finest natural botanicals from the earth and oceans including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are integrated into Susan’s cleansers, blend of pure essential oils, toner, moisturizers, and facial masks. Favorites among celebrities, designers, supermodels and socialites, her products nourish and revitalize the face and body, guiding each client to obtain the sought after “Ciminelli Glow” as dubbed by The New York Times.

With over 40 years in the beauty industry under her belt, Susan, her services, and product line have appeared in numerous press outlets. Susan has been written up in the world’s most reputable publications including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, and Time magazine. Susan has made numerous television appearances including on BBC, CNN, The Martha Stewart Show, The Chew, and multiple times on Japanese television. Additionally, Susan is the author of “The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin.” The Ciminelli Solution is changing health habits and improving complexions worldwide.

Believe it or not, most skin problems are not really a problem with the skin. Skin is an eliminative organ of the body, and when you see blemishes or irritation or dryness, it’s only the skin doing its job, eliminating waste and toxins from somewhere inside your body, and depositing them outside the body, for all to see.

Susan Ciminelli has understood and respected this her entire life, and that’s why her clients look radiant. Skin care the Susan Ciminelli way is about eating for your skin type, taking luxurious detoxifying baths, unblocking energy that is stuck in the body due to stress, and nourishing the skin and rewarding it as it does its body purification job 24 hours a day. When healthy things go in your body, when stress and negative emotions are released, and when you put only pure and nutritious products on your skin, you can’t help but glow.

Far from promising the latest, greatest miracle in a jar, Susan empowers her clients with the knowledge about why they have skin problems, and she enables them with practical and simple diet, lifestyle and skin care solutions that lead to a lifelong radiant complexion.

Truly great skin isn’t a mask that rich people can afford to buy or that lucky people are born with. You can start today to have the skin of your dreams, the Susan Ciminelli way. With truth, respect, love and immediate, noticeable results.

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